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Known Issues

A list of known issues affecting the Noteable service, what workarounds are available and how we are working to resolve them.

From time-to-time you may experience some unexpected behaviour within Noteable. If this is the case you can check our list of known issues for more information. We welcome feedback on Noteable so we can continue to improve the service.

Name Description Workaround Resolution Status
Forbidden Timeout If a container is left inactive for a long period of time (>1hour) you may find that you become stuck on a page with an error message "Forbidden Timeout". If this occurs you will not be able to navigate to the login page. Manually adjust the URL to or connect from your Learn course again. Currently working on solution
PDF Files not displaying This issues appears to only occur in Google Chrome browsers. The PDF file will display as a blank grey page. Use a different browser or download the file to view. Issue is caused by Chrome, this cannot be resolved by Noteable
Unable to download PDF If the file contains an embedded image you will be unable to use the Download As > PDF via LaTex. This is a known Jupyter issue - Remove images from file if able to do so or use the Print function to Print as PDF. Currently listed as issue with Jupyter, when a fix is released it will be incorporated into Noteable
Shutdown function not working via Running Tab There is an option to shutdown notebooks via the running tab, this is currently not working. Use the shutdown feature available via the File menu. This will require you to select each notebook. Currently working on solution
Assignment Names Unable to contain / Due to the file structure of Jupyter and nbgrader you cannot use / in assignment names. No error message will show but the assignment will not be created. Unfortunately there is no workaround for this, you are advised to advoid the / character in assignment names. No solution available, advised workaround only