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About the Noteable Service

Learn more about the Noteable service and Jupyter notebooks

What are computational notebooks

Computational notebooks are interactive documents that can contain both computer code (such as Python) as well as rich text and media content (paragraphs of text, equations, images and links). As these notebooks are interactive it allows the user to write, edit and run code and then see the output of those code cells within the document. This means that notebooks can become powerful teaching tools, either by provided pre-made documents with live code and explanatory text or by allowing users to play with and then develop code. Computational notebooks also lower the entry point for interacting with code enabling them to become useful tools for introducing new learners to programming concepts.

If you are interested as to how notebooks can be used you can also visit the Gallery of Interesting Jupyter notebooks on Github


What is the Noteable Service?

The Noteable service is a cloud-based application providing access to Jupyter notebooks online. Noteable provides a central storage space to store and run Jupyter notebooks in a variety of languages. 

The purpose of Noteable is to allow students and staff to access Jupyter notebooks at any time without the need for pre-installation which can be cumbersome and difficult for programming novices. Noteable is integrated with Learn to allow for a central launch point into a pre-set environment without the need for a separate login. 

The Noteable service is currently available in a pilot phase to define the need to provide a centrally supported computational notebook service.


What is available within Noteable

The Noteable service first and foremost offers access to Jupyter notebooks, this allows users to create, edit and run code written in a variety of languages. We also offer access to a large amount of additional coding libraries and packages, a full and updated list of these can be found on the Noteable website -

List of Noteable Code Libraries and Languages 

Each user will gain access to their own persistent personal 10GB storage area and will have access to up to 2GB of RAM when running code.

Noteable is also integrated with Learn to allow lecturers to pre-set a programming environment for students to access. For example, an instructor can set the Noteable link in Learn to launch to a Matlab environment where they can write and run Matlab based code. A further explanation of this mechanic can be seen in this video hosted on Media Hopper

How to add Noteable Link in Learn - Video