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Teams for teaching guidance

Information and Guidance on using MS Teams for teaching purposes.

Requesting a Class Team

We would strongly advise that you discuss any planned use of MS Teams for teaching with your School or College Learning Technologist, who should be able point to additional local support and examples of good practice, including the approval process for requesting a Class Team. Depending on your requirements it may be possible to set up a Class Team. For more information about Class Teams see "Getting started with your Class Team" guidance provided below.

What to consider before using Teams for Teaching

A brief overview of some things you should consider before using MS Teams for teaching

Getting started with your Class Team

Guidance on the steps you should follow to prepare, organise and finally launch your Class Team

Creating an effective learning community in Teams

Good practice guidance for anyone using MS Teams to establish an online community

Scheduling Live Tutorials in Teams

Guidance on setting up live tutorials in Teams and what you should consider before.

Running live tutorials in Teams

Guidance on how to run live tutorials, best practice on how to use the lobby and record sessions

Security and privacy tips for using Teams

Information you should be aware of to keep your Teams secure and protect the privacy of your students.

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