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Teaching Continuity Preparation

If it becomes impossible to access the University campus in situations where bad weather, transport issues or pandemics start to impact your ability to teach on-campus, this information hub will direct you to the right services, tools and resources to maintain teaching continuity and minimise disruption to your students.

What is hybrid teaching?

A flexible approach, making effective use of technology to allow teaching to continue in challenging times.

Tips for hybrid teaching

Some top tips to keep in mind when planning changes to your teaching as a result of external circumstances.

Tools for hybrid teaching

Your toolkit for transforming teaching activities from on-campus to a hybrid approach.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE): Blackboard Learn

Learn is our campus-wide VLE and will be the hub of teaching your course online.

Virtual Classroom for seminars and groupwork

Find out how to use the Virtual Classrooms (Blackboard Collaborate & Zoom) for teaching and group work.

Recording short videos: Media Hopper Create

You may want to record short videos to support your teaching. Find out more about how to do it using Media Hopper Create.

Recording and streaming lectures: Media Hopper Replay

You may want to record (asynchronous) or stream ( synchronous) lectures for your students . Find out more about how to do it using Media Hopper Replay.

Delivering teaching to students overseas - advice on bandwidth and firewalls

Guidance to academics and course designers who are building and running courses to countries with compromised access to materials, web sites and applications.

Equipment to help improve the quality of your home desktop recording

You may find that additional equipment, such as mics and webcams, will improve the quality when using collaborate tools or recording from a desktop.

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