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Using Media Hopper Create and Replay for Digital Teaching

Training and guidance on how to record short videos to share with your students through Learn or to re-use last year's lecture recording.

Online Training Sessions

Please book your preferred session using the link below:

Using Media Hopper Create

A recording of a previous online training session is available here:

Video: Using Media Hopper Create and Replay for Remote Teaching - Collaborate Session
This is a recording of a Collaborate session on using Media Hopper Create and Replay for Remote Teaching

Help and Guidance for using Media Hopper Create and Media Hopper Replay

Using the Media Hopper Create Desktop Recorder with Learn

We have resources and guides which cover our recommend use of Media Hopper Create:

If you are using the Learn Foundations template, we'd recommend you add the Media Hopper Create media tool to the 'Course Materials' content area on the course. 

Subtitling your video in Media Hopper Create

We’d recommend adding subtitles to your videos.  Automatic subtitling is possible but will contain errors so it is important that they are checked over and edited by a member of staff.

You can request automated subtitles for your content through the interface on Media Hopper Create.  There is a Quick Reference Card available with instructions on how to do this here:

Requesting and Editing Automatic Subtitles on Media Hopper Create - Quick Reference Card

Once the automatic captioning has been completed, you can watch  a video to find out more about using the caption editor to correct any automatic captioning errors.

Re-using your lectures in Media Hopper Replay

It is possible to repurpose lecture recording’s you’ve made previously for re-use with students on another course, or to make last year’s recordings available to students on this year’s course.  If you plan to do this, we’d recommend supporting your students by providing a place for them to ask any questions they have, and discuss it as a group. You may want to do this using an online discussion forum.

Video: Reusing your lectures in Media Hopper Replay
How to re-use previously recorded MH Replay videos in other courses in Learn.

Instructions for this are also available as a training guide to download here.

** Please note:  repurposing a lecture recording will require you to make a new copy of the lecture, which will then set a new creation date. This means that the removal of that video will not happen until 18 months after that date. We can manually delete recordings if you'd prefer to before the 18 months passes. Please get in touch.

Find out how to create an online discussion forum in Learn.