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New Learning Technologist Development

A skills development toolkit for staff new to roles working with learning technology across the University.

The New Learning Technologist Development Toolkit provides learning design and digital skills development resources and training for staff new to working with learning technology, whether you have just joined the University or have moved internally from another role. It is intended to be used as part of your onboarding plan, but may also be used as a general development pathway.

The toolkit aims to build a foundation level of knowledge across our pool of learning technologists, covering the core learning technologies that you will use at the University alongside learning design and good teaching practices. School-specific tools and practices will be covered locally.

The toolkit is based on Jisc’s Developing Digital Capability model and Learning Technologist role profile, job descriptions of learning technology roles advertised in the University in May 2020, and the University’s Digital Skills Framework. It is divided into six sections corresponding to the digital capabilities in Jisc’s Developing Digital Capability model. Tasks that you will carry out as part of your role are listed alongside resources for developing the skills required to perform those tasks.

The toolkit is flexible and provides a variety of guidance and training, and you should use it on a pick-and-mix basis identifying with your manager which areas are most relevant to your role and school. Some learning activities are self-study and others are live events. We estimate that it will take around 21 hours to complete a reasonable amount of activities, but this will of course depend on your starting point.

Find further details about the toolkit at the link below.

New Learning Technologist Development Programme