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An Edinburgh Model for Teaching Online

Join us to explore what constitutes an Edinburgh model for online teaching in this training programme offered by the Centre for Research in Digital Education and Learning, Teaching and Web group. 

An Edinburgh Model Course Pack

This teaching programme will provide participants with a research-led learning experience in a model of online teaching distilled from the ongoing body of online programmes at the University of Edinburgh.  

In this course we explore key concepts in online teaching such as transactional distance, presence, contact, and time, explore many of the technologies that the university supports, and reflect on all of that ahead of the next academic year. It isn't a 'how to' course in terms of showing you all the functionality of a technology. It is rather about pedagogy, building community online, and feedback. It also gives you a chance to see all of this as a student might and reflect on how that might impact your own teaching.  

Along with the online platform we will be using (Learn) and the blogs, we will be engaging with additional teaching technologies that ultimately create a broader teaching and learning space. We ask that you take a critical eye here and reflect on what might be appropriate for your teaching, your discipline, and your students. Critique, adapt, or discard as needed for your own teaching.  

There are four taught modules with 5 hours of student engagement expected per week. The programme itself lasts 7 weeks and there will be practical outputs from the various modules that should help you prepare for the next academic year. We ask that you do what you can when you can, but practice care, both for yourself, your family responsibilities, and your work. The tutor team, online teachers and technologists drawn from across the university, will be there to support you whenever you can participate and will feed into any ideas you want to explore.  

To learn about the specific university-supported technologies that we recommend using in your online teaching, consider the one-hour training sessions being offered weekly throughout the summer. These provide you an opportunity to learn more about the technology and ask any questions you might have:

Training for remote teaching


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