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Recording lectures and short videos: Media Hopper Create and Media Hopper Replay

You may want to record lectures and short videos to support your teaching, or even reuse last year's lecture recording. Find out more about how to do it using Media Hopper Create and Media Hopper Replay.

Why use these tools?

Media Hopper Create is a media management and streaming service which can be used to host videos. It also has a desktop recorder which makes it easy to record screencasts and upload them directly from your computer to the streaming service. Media Hopper content can be embedded easily into Learn VLE course sites.

Media Hopper Replay is a lecture recording and streaming service. It integrates with the Learn VLE.

What do you need?

A computer and an internet connection.

If you are recording new media, you'll need a microphone and/or webcam.

How do I access these tools?

Both of these tools are integrated with Learn and you can add existing content to your Blackboard Learn course easily.

You can also browse through existing content on Media Hopper Create.

What can I do with these tools?

With Media Hopper Create you can:

  • Create your own screencasts and videos using the desktop recorder.
  • Add Media Hopper Create galleries to Learn.
  • Create in-video quizzes.

With Media Hopper Replay you can:

  • Create lecture recordings.
  • Access, edit and re-use any previous lecture recordings you have made.


If you have a student who has the adjustment through the Student Disability Service that states, “When using audio visual presentations subtitles must be provided” you must provide subtitles for all materials they need to access.

The law and best practice indicate that all videos and audio materials used in teaching must be subtitled. We recognise the challenge that this represents and that it may not be feasible for all materials used in all classes, however, in those instances when you have a student in your class with the above adjustment, subtitles must be provided.

You can request automatic subtitling of videos in Media Hopper, though the results are typically less than perfect and will definitely need to be checked and fixed.   We have a video which talks you through how to request automatic subtitles for your video(s) in Media Hopper Create and how to use the subtitle editor to make changes.

Help and guidance

Please get in touch if you have any questions.