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Supported Media Production Studios

You may want help and support to produce educational videos for your hybrid teaching courses. Find out more about the supported media production studios and how you can access or use this service.

To facilitate an increase in media production for Hybrid Teaching the University has expanded its suite of educational media studios and media production capacity/team. 

The new studios and filming processes are being piloted from mid to end July. Booking processes are being finalised and will be in place early August.

In the interim, if you are interested in using the studios you should speak to the relevant person below about whether this is the best option for your filming needs. They can then work with us to arrange a booking.

Why use the studios?

Before deciding to use the studios you should first consider whether you could record at home. You can create videos from home using the MediaHopper Create desktop recorders. To do this you would need a webcam and mic, these could be part of your existing desktop or external kit, and reasonable broadband to upload content. To find out more about this option and to view guidance and training visit:

Media Hopper Create

If you feel that recording video at home is not going to meet your needs, or you may require extra levels of support, then you may want to film in the studios.

What do you need before using the studio?

If this is your first time returning to campus you:
  • Should complete the University “Returning to the Estate 2020 training”

Have a discussion about your return to campus and any concerns you may have with your Manager. As part of this discussion you may want to complete a personal risk assessment.

Prior to coming to the studio you will need:
  • Either a script or an outline of the content you will present along with the final version of any slides or additional resources to be included in the video.
  • A decision on what type of video you want create including length of final output and any presentation requirements (see below for more information on what you can do in the studio)
  • Select your preferred studio location
  • An approved booking confirmation
Prior to you coming to the studio we will:
  • Ensure that all spaces are cleaned regularly and any shared equipment sanitised during the 30 minute cleaning period between bookings.
  • Discuss and agreed requirements with you for “advanced production” usage before your booking date.

 What can you do in the studios?

The following use cases are being piloted to end July and details of these may change as we better understand the needs from the studios. In particular booking lead time and studio hours will be reviewed.

How to book

Booking processes will be in place from early August for now speak to the relevant person for your College;