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Pre-recorded media production for teaching continuity

You may want help and support to produce pre-recorded educational videos for your teaching continuity. Find out more about the Educational Media Studio and how you can access or use this service.

The Educational Media Studio is available to support those who are preparing pre-recorded media for teaching continuity. Our centrally supported studio located at Argyle House is available to all University staff to help in the creation of media for teaching and learning, and as a digital media training space.

For further information on the studio including types of recording, location and booking information  please visit the Educational Media Production webpages.

Why use the Educational Media Studio?

The studio incorporates cutting edge presentational technologies, fully supported by media operators and producers who can support you during filming. We can also work with you to develop bespoke, engaging media solutions that will assist in the delivery of effective pre-recorded media meets your students needs.

Our approaches and support are research-informed and pedagogically-focused, helping to ensure that you produce the most effective media for learning and teaching.

Alternative to Recording in the Studio

Before deciding to use the studio you should first consider whether you could record at home. You can create videos at home using the Media Hopper Create desktop recorder. To do this all you will need is a webcam and mic plus a reasonable broadband connection to upload content. To find out more about this option and to view guidance and training visit the below link: Media Hopper Create 

If you feel that recording media at home is not going to meet your needs, or you require extra levels of support, then you may want to consider filming in the studios

What steps are we taking to ensure we adopt the latest health and safety advice?

We are following the university's guidance on COVID-19 hygiene and the Media Studio Manager is in regular contact with Health and Safety.  In order to open the studio, full risk assessments were prepared and signed off by senior staff including Health and Safety and local building managers.

We will update all guidance and proccesses as required.

For up-to-date University information on the COVID-19 please visit the university's Health and Safety webages.

How to book

For details on how to book the studio please visit Booking the Supported Media Studios