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Equipment to help improve the quality of your home desktop recording

You may find that additional equipment, such as mics and webcams, will improve the quality when using collaborate tools or recording from a desktop.

In many cases the microphone and webcam you have on your computer will be sufficient for teaching from home. You may find however that additional equipment, such as external mics and webcams will improve the quality of your audio and video when using collaborative tools or recording from a desktop. If you are getting feedback from students that they are finding it hard to see or hear you, you should consider upgrading.

Find out more including recommendations and what to consider when purchasing equipment.

Guidance to help you select the best equipment for your needs

The Online Production Service’s Media Producers have created guidance on what to consider when selecting the best equipment for your needs.

How to Choose a Microphone

Watch the full “how to Film” series here: How To Make Video Content 

In particular, you may find the guidance on “How to set up lighting” useful.

Recommended webcams and microphones

The list below has been compiled as a recommended list of microphones and webcams you may want to consider when purchasing equipment for your home use. Most of these are available from university suppliers.

Help and Guidance

Guidance for how to use the Media Hopper Desktop Recorder

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