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Teaching Continuity Preparation

If it becomes impossible to access the University campus in situations where bad weather, transport issues or pandemics start to impact your ability to teach on-campus, this information hub will direct you to the right services, tools and resources to maintain teaching continuity and minimise disruption to your students.

In light of the current pandemic the University will be adopting a hybrid approach to teaching in academic year 2020/21. Hybrid teaching does not assume either a fundamentally on-campus or fundamentally online model but is designed for easy student transition between the two. Hybrid teaching will consist of a mixture of online and on-campus activities, where students may be able to attend on-campus sessions, online in the same time zone, or online in a different time zone. 

The University of Edinburgh has years of experience with learning technology and we have a range of knowledgeable people and resources to help guide you through all of this. Our learning technology teams in schools and in Information Services Group (ISG), alongside our academic developers in the Institute of Academic Development (IAD), provide the services you need. These pages provide guidance and advice on how to continue teaching when access to campus is prohibited or restricted. 

It is important to remember that preparing courses to be taught remotely or in a blended mode for a period of campus closure or restriction is different from designing a fully online course. Although many of the tools and teaching techniques will be the same, you may not have time for a full course redesign, and a move to fully online teaching may not be what your students need or expect. You can, however, shift your scheduled teaching to an online or hybrid mode using some of our everyday tools while maintaining the quality of your teaching 

We offer a range of tools, support, and guidance to help you. What we have learned from designing online courses should help inform your teaching should you need to move online for a period of time. 

By following some basic guiding principles, we are confident that it is possible to maintain teaching continuity using a core set of tools which are provided by the University: Learn, Collaborate, and our Media Hopper services.  We provide extensive training and guidance for using these tools. 

All you need is your computer, internet, camera (optional) and microphone. You can do most of this remotely if you need to work away from your office. 

Other sources of support

The Institute for Academic Development (IAD) has a range of existing courses, workshops, consultancy and online resources relevant to hybrid teaching, these are now being offered online. There are also new events, a new course, and new resources, provided specifically to support hybrid teaching.

Support for hybrid teaching

The Edinburgh Hybrid Teaching Exchange  has been created to support sharing of work in progress and ideas, in addition to examples of practice, resources and scholarship.  It has been developed using the University academic blogging service with access restricted to a University audience.  

The Edinburgh Hybrid Teaching Exchange

Tips for hybrid teaching

Some top tips to keep in mind when planning changes to your teaching as a result of external circumstances.

Tools for hybrid teaching

Your toolkit for transforming teaching activities from on-campus to a hybrid approach.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE): Blackboard Learn

Learn is our campus-wide VLE and will be the hub of teaching your course online.

Virtual Classroom for seminars and groupwork: Blackboard Collaborate

Find out how to use the Virtual Classroom (Blackboard Collaborate) for teaching and group work.

Recording lectures and short videos: Media Hopper Create and Media Hopper Replay

You may want to record lectures and short videos to support your teaching, or even reuse last year's lecture recording. Find out more about how to do it using Media Hopper Create and Media Hopper Replay.

Supported Media Production Studios

You may want help and support to produce educational videos for your hybrid teaching courses. Find out more about the supported media production studios and how you can access or use this service.

Training for hybrid teaching

Each of the sections below provide links to short instructional videos on the most commonly used features. Links to recordings of the drop in sessions are also provided.

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