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23 Things for Digital Knowledge

An open and self-paced course for digital and online skills.

A laptop with the screen displaying a colourful number 23
CC BY, Interactive Content Team, Flickr

The University of Edinburgh’s 23 Things for Digital Knowledge is a self-directed course aimed towards students new to The University of Edinburgh to introduce and refresh the range of digital tools, services, software, support, and knowledge available.

The aim is for students to spend a little time each week, building up and expanding your knowledge. We hope that the programme presents a realistic challenge and will allow students to fit it into their schedule.

Participants are asked to register a blog (as part of Thing 2), and to share short blog posts about each of the 23 Things they complete. Although optional, blogging provides a space to experiment, practice, and embed knowledge. It creates a space for interaction with other participants, the opportunity to offer support and advice, and to reflect on what it is that has been learned.

The blog is also used to submit completion of the course to be eligible for a BadgED (Open Digital Badge), and could be used as evidence for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


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