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Learning Technology Community

This community of practice actively seeks to support learning technology practitioners within the University of Edinburgh.

Learning technology has an increasingly central role in all of the teaching and learning activities of the University. Growing numbers of staff have some responsibility for aspects of learning technology as part of their teaching or support roles.

The Learning Technology Community seeks to support those members of staff by providing the means to share experience and good practice. We do this in a number of ways:

  • dedicated area in Teams: Learning Technology Community
  • a (low-volume) mailing list (see below)
  • regular organised events (join our Team for details)

The Teams area is open to all staff to join and is our hub for hosting meetings and sharing information and practice. All are welcome to become more involved by suggesting activities, organising events, etc.

Mailing list

To sign up to our email list:


These sessions are so important, they’re really interesting and useful and build a community of Learning Technologists and related/interested parties. Thank you for running them! I find the discussion just as important as the wee talks themselves.

LTC Member