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Learning analytics projects

Information about some of the learning analytics projects, past and present, at the University of Edinburgh.

We think learning analytics and  student data analysis hold great potential to address the challenges confronting educational institutions. By merging technical methods for data mining and with educational theory research and practice, learning analytics offer novel and real-time approaches to assessing critical issues such as student progression and retention,  21st century skills acquisition, as well as personalised learning.

Melissa Highton, Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services and Assistant Principal Online Learning, University of Edinburgh  From the blog post "learning Analtyics - LAMARR" (Learning Analytics Map of Activities, Research and Roll-out), 2016

Current learning analytics projects

Learning Analytics in UltRA (LAURA)

In 2024, Information Services' work on learning analytics is part of the VLE Excellence Programme. The LAURA project focuses on how the Learn VLE’s analytics can be used to support and enhance the student experience. The project team will develop guidance and training for students and staff to help them understand and make the best ethical use of the data available to them in Learn and other learning tool platforms that integrate with Learn. This project will also review the Learning Analytics policy and cultivate a learning analytics network with other institutions for sharing our learning and learning from others’ learning analytics experiences.  

You can find out more about LAURA on its project page and on Melissa Highton's blog post at the beginning of the project. 

LAURA project page  

Melissa Highton's Blog: LAURA project


For existing guidance on using learning analytics within the Learn VLE, University staff can visit the Learn SharePoint  (University of Edinburgh users only).  Additional guidance is currently being developed. 

Learn SharePoint for Instructors: Student Assessment Activity Analytics

Learn SharePoint for Instructors: Discussion Analytics

Past learning analytics projects

Learning Analytics Map of Activities, Research and Roll-out

The University of Edinburgh has a number of past practical and research projects, many of which cut across disciplines and involved a range of organisations. The matrix below shows the spread of our activities, and descriptions of the projects can found below. (Click on a project's title to learn more about it.)

A 2x2 grid showing learning analytics projects and whether they're local/cross UoE and student/institution focussed.
​ Lamarr matrix offered openly (c) University of Edinburgh, 2024 CC-BY