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How the University uses learning analytics

Information about the University's use of learning analytics.

Ethical, transparent and focused on the student experience

Learning analytics at the University are exclusively used to understand and increase the success and learning experience of our students, enhance the instruction capabilities of teaching staff, and inform institutional decision making.

The University is committed to the ethical use of data and practices that are respectful of user privacy and compliant with the national and European legislation. All uses of data analytics for learning and teaching within the University should be ethical, transparent and focused on the enhancement of the student experience. 

Screenshot of learning analytics page showing student activity in course compared to course average

We recognise that learning analytics data can never provide the whole picture, and we do not take any actions based on these analytics without human involvement in the process.  

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) service’s website contains more information about Learn VLE analytics, including what data is collected and how it’s used. The University’s Privacy Statement webpage includes detailed information about student data that is collected and how it’s used, which includes both learning analytics data and other personal data.  

The University takes an active role in national and international initiatives that support the ethical and privacy- protective use of learning analytics. All research activities in this area are carried out in accordance with the UK Research Integrity Office: Code of Practice for Research. The University’s active participation in the development of Jisc’s Code of Practice for Learning Analytics is notable. Decisions about learning analytics at the University are made according to the practices recommended by the aforementioned Jisc code of practice. 

When external organizations are contracted to provide learning analytics services, contracts are implemented to follow the relevant UK legislation regulating personal data use and processing. Data to be analysed are first anonymised with state-of-the-art procedures before being shared with the contracting organizations.


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