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BadgEd (Open Digital Badges)

BadgEd is the open digital badges service for the University of Edinburgh. Digital badges offer a way to recognise verified extra-curricular skills and achievements and a secure way to share them.

What is an open digital badge?

Image of an example University digital badge over a circuit board behind it and labels for the badge information (metadata)


Open digital badges are digital badges that enable you to securely share a wider range of verifiable learning and professional achievements across different platforms, including social media, employability websites, CVs and portfolios.

A digital badge includes a badge image as well as metadata (information) about:

  • the earner
  • the organisation issuing the badge
  • the criteria for earning the badge
  • relevant dates, such as the issue date or an expiry date.





The BadgEd Catalogue

Badg-Ed logo showing a badger wearing a hoodie decorated with badges.


BadgEd (hosted on Canvas Credentials) offers a range of open University of Edinburgh digital badges. Have a look at our catalogue to explore the badges currently on offer.

Go to the BadgEd Catalogue 

Collage of roles: earners around laptop, woman volunteering at event, three staff with one explaining and group in office in a m

People and roles within BadgEd

 Within the open digital badges service, people play different roles:           

Earner    The person to whom a badge is awarded (students, staff or external learners)

Issuer  The program or department awarding the badge to an earner.

Champion  Staff member who provides expertise and support to badge issuers and other University staff interested in digital badges.

Governance  Review and approval group for University Open Digital Badge creation requests.


Badge Earners

Find out more about the benefits of digital badges and how to receive and manage your University open digital badges.

Badge Issuers

Advice for issuers on planning, requesting, creating and managing new open digital badges.

Badge Champions

Champions play a key role supporting the creation and issuing of University open digital badges.


Information about how accessible the Open Digital Badges platform is and where to get help using it with assistive technologies.

Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement relating to Open Digital Badges, which provides information about how your data is used when you use the our service.

Guidance and Support

Resources to help staff and students use Open Digital Badges.


Further Information


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