Information Services

Assessment Continuity Preparation

Information and guidance on moving from exams online.

For the next exam diet (May 2022) , exams are a shorter exam duration format (typically up to 3 hours long).

Exams will allow standard typed submissions but also some courses may require handwritten submissions.  Information about how to set these types of exams up is available from the pages below.  Our strategy is to keep the assessment format simple - to reduce the stress of students and staff (by using tools that may be familiar) and ensure that the processes are well supported despite the current uncertainty.  If you would like to request help, advice or training for your School, please contact us.  

Some Schools are using Gradescope to run their exams, there is separate help and guidance for these Schools.

Online Remote Examinations and Assessment (OREA) Task Group

During the summer months (2020), a task group was set up to discuss and make recommendations about online exams and assessment. There is a webpage covering the recommendations.


Online exam– standard typed submission

How to set up an open book take-home exam with a typed submission.

Online exam– handwritten submission

How to set up a short duration open book, take-home exam which may require handwritten submissions.

Schools using Gradescope

Schools in the College of Science and Engineering are using Gradescope for many exams in the upcoming diet. This page gives information on those Schools.

Support of online exams

This page gives information about support over the upcoming exam period.