Information Services

Evaluation and Research

To support the expansion and development of lecture recording at Edinburgh, research and evaluation activities were carried out. This included research opportunities for academic colleagues through the Principal's Teaching Award Scheme (PTAS). This activity was overseen by an Engagement and Evaluation Group. Find out more about these activities here, including how you might conduct your own research.

University evaluation

Information about the University’s study into the value of lecture recording at Edinburgh, access to the full report and annexes.

Principal's Teaching Award Scheme (PTAS)

Information about the lecture recording PTAS projects including methodology, findings and conclusions. Find out how to apply for PTAS funding.

Engagement and Evaluation Group

Find out more about the work of the lecture recording Engagement and Evaluation Group.

Delivering and Evaluating Lecture Recording

Find out more about the origin, procurement and successful roll-out of the Lecture Recording Programme at Edinburgh and the launch of the new lecture recording service, Media Hopper Replay.