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Subtitling pilot

Information on the development of the Media Hopper Create captioning service.

Adding captions, subtitles and transcription to video improves engagement, search, accessibility, and the discoverability of your content. With this in mind a subtitling/captioning service is currently being piloted in Media Hopper Create.

The service uses Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) machine transcription. With ASR, an algorithm recognises the words spoken in your video and provides machine-generated subtitle captions. 

This automated subtitling can result in around 70% accuracy but accents, specialist terms and jargon will have an impact on what is delivered. In all cases content creators will have to edit machine generated captions either via the “do it yourself” captions editor or by downloading and editing the .srt file and replacing the original after editing is complete. The turn-around time is fast with captions being available within 48 hours after ordering.

The pilot is assessing the feasibility of rolling out ASR  subtitles / captions as a default option in Media Hopper Create in the near future, but at this time requests to try the service can be made through the IS Helpline.