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Frequently asked questions

This page contains a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Media Hopper Create service

What about the licensing if we re-use someone elses content?

All content will have a copyright statement saying who it belongs to, and a usage rights statement that says what you are allowed to do with it, based on the Creative Commons schema. This allows users to assert copyright ownership over a piece of content, but still make it available for colleagues to share and modify.


How do I add subtitles and transcripts?

You can upload subtitles and transcripts for any piece of media in Media Hopper Create. There are also a limited number of hours for automated transcription, at varying degrees of accuracy. This is a paid-for service. To enquire about this functionality please contact us.


Is there a policy in the University around transcription?

There isn't a default policy at present, however there is existing legislation in this space that we are already mindful of (Equality Act 2010 and before it, SENDA). You should consider the audience for your media and be prepared to make reasonable adjustments where required. Remember that if you have created a script for yourself as part of creating a piece of media, you can very quickly reuse this as  a transcript.


Are there any built-in sound editing tools?

No - there aren't. You can clip and trim a whole video, but you can't modify just the sound.


Can we import from / export to YouTube?

Currently it is possible to import videos from YouTube using the sharing URL.  


Can a channel of content be managed by more than one person?

Yes. You can add multiple people to be the administrators of a channel, and you can also decide if they can make content immediately available, or whether there should be a moderation step involved. Using moderation might be appropriate for a student showcase, or a student special interest group for example.


Can I add an external video to my content?

This is probably best done with a playlist of material. Cut your content into pieces and insert a reference to the individual video from YouTube at the appropriate point. You can playback a video from YouTube and record it via the desktop recorder, but the quality of the video and sound will probably not be as good.


Can a link be added to a point in the content to link to a file?

You can associate files with a specific piece of media in Media Hopper Create as additional associated resources. You can also leave comments on a video as it plays, and you could include a URL reference could be included. The comment will include a timestamp reference to the point in the video.


Can students use this?

Yes, all students will have an account automatically. Students can do much the same things as staff, but will have restrictions on making content visible to the world and need to go through a moderation step. Postgraduate Research students have the same sorts of rights as staff however, reflecting the different nature of their work. 


Is there an integration with Box of Broadcasts?

No. Box of Broadcasts is a separate service and no integration is available.


Are there APIs available?

APIs for the service are available and more information is available on the Kaltura website.

Kaltura API - Kaltura website

API access will be accessed ona case by case basis, if you require this, please get in touch.


How does this work with lecture recording (Media Hopper Replay)?

The University has a centrally-supported lecture recording service, called Media Hopper Replay.  Further information information is available below.

Media Hopper Reply service - University of Edinburgh website 

Analysis is currently underway to see if we can streamline the integration between Media Hopper Replay and Media Hopper Create as a repository for storing content.


Who can I share my media with?

It is possible to share a piece of media, or a channel containing many pieces of media publically, with any logged-in user, with named users.


Is it possible to create in-video quizes?

Yes - video quizes are now available from the "Add New" option.  Further guidance on quizes can be found below: 

Media Hopper Portal - Media Hopper Create help and support website


What restrictions are there on uploads?

Media Hopper Create will accept an enormous range of media file types for upload. There are some recommendations to ensure you get the best quality output however - these are available here on the Kaltura website.

Supported source video formats and specifications - Kaltura website


Where is Media Hopper Create data held?

Media Hopper Create is hosted by Kaltura Inc. at their data centres in the U.S.A. and our contract with them includes specific and appropriate safe guards, with respect to the Data Protection Act, that do not rely on Safe Harbor. We continue to take advice from the University Records Management office in respect of recent legal changes in this area.


Where can I see content I am a co-editor or co-publisher of?

Any content that you have been granted co-editor or co-publisher rights over, is visible from the "My Media" page.  You will now see a drop-down menu title "View Media I Own" this can be clicked on to reveal media you can publish and media you can edit.  See screenshot below:

Media Ownership