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Part three: be stable

The stability of your shots can make your content more accessible, engaging, and professional looking. We offer tips on getting rock-steady shots with and without a tripod.

An iPad on a tripod using an iOgrapher case

Fast facts


A tripod is the supreme image-control device, allowing you to compose the picture perfectly using its panning, tilting and centre post height adjustments.

Camera stabilisation

Avoid using your device's built-in image stabilisation, this just crops the image and reduces image quality. Nothing beats a tripod!

Jerky video - although sometimes stylistically desirable - is often an indication of poorly shot footage. However, it is one of the easiest problems to rectify. The simplest solution is to get a tripod. There are many tripods suitable for mobile devices available. Ranging from inexpensive desktop tripods, to broadcast quality devices and even steady cam rigs. We don’t always carry a tripod, so if one is not available use both hands to hold your smartphone as close as possible to your body as you record the video. Or alternatively use tables, chairs, desks and shelves to give you added support when filming.

...unintentional and exaggerated shake, is often distracting, and pulls the viewer out of the story. We set up a tripod to eliminate any trace of camera shake.

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