Information Services

Availability and entitlement

An overview of availability and entitlement to use the service


All staff and students will be automatically provided with an account on the service which allows them to upload media to their personal space and publish to channels, based on the entitlements detailed below. Postgraduate Research students have the same permissions as staff.

This service is also avaiable for visitors to use, but must be selected as part of the Visitor account registration process.

Alumni and applicants do not have access to this service, except to view publicly-available content. Due to account provisioning issues, functional accounts (i.e. non-human University accounts such as deptartment email addresses, etc) cannot be used in Media Hopper.


The table below lists what each category of user will be able to do, by default. If further permissions are required a request should be sent to IS helpline in the first instance for consideration.

  Upload to My Media Create and publish to public channel Create and publish to open channel Create and publish to restricted channel Create and publish to private channel Create playlists Use desktop recording tools
Staff / Postgraduate Research students / staff visitors X X X X X X X
Students / student visitors X Moderation required X X X



As more functionality is made available, the table above will be updated to reflect the default entitlements.