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Intended Learning Outcomes

Support for writing Intended Learning Outcomes for courses.

What is an Intended Learning Outcome?

Statements about what someone can expect to be able to do, as a consequence of studying, are called:​

  • Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) or ​

  • Learning Outcomes (LOs).

What makes an Intended Learning Outcome?

example intended learning outcome

Typically, ILOs will comprise:​

  • a stem,​

  • content about what the learner will do,​

  • the scope which defines the limits of the ILO.​

How to write Intended Learning Outcomes

We offer support for writing ILOs through a synchronous training session and also through a learning resource, available as an OER (open educational resource):

Writing Intended Learning Outcomes for Courses [link to a Xerte learning object]


More information

For more information about Learning Design development at the University of Edinburgh, please contact the Learning Design team, we are based in Learning, Teaching and Web Services Directorate, Information Services.