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ELDeR Evaluation

Feedback from workshop participants

ELDeR is a practical, team-based approach to learning design. It is an intensive, collaborative workshop applicable to UG and PG. at the end of which the programme or course team have collaboratively developed a values-based blueprint for their programme or course and a comprehensive action plan.

The existence of ELDeR and ‘learning design’ as a service denotes a change in perspective and speaks of a willingness for people to engage in the formal course and programme development. Our evaluation looked at how ELDeR is one part of a complex network of influencing factors, and our evaluation shows how ELDeR can exert a positive influence on the course and programme design.

Timing was a crucial factor in this evaluation, in that the full impact of ELDeR workshops will not be realised until a programme or course design is complete. So, this means we have in some cases a 2 to 3-year lead-in time from workshop to course launch. This evaluation provides insights into what happens / or does not happen post-workshop.

At its heart is the student learning experience, where student feedback and assessment literacies are given top priority, and a shared vision of the course/programme is developed between team members.  

2015 Melissa Highton(Director of IS-LTW) commissions a scoping project project to investigate current learning design approaches and tools, and to benchmark current practice, both internal and external.
2016 First ELDeR.
2017 ELDeR expanded across Schools.
2018 ELDeR adapted to include activities such as personae and delivered on set dates, 12 times year.
2019 The Learning Design Service is formally added to the ISG service catalogue, requests approved by the Support for Curriculum Development Committee.
2020 ELDeR goes online due to COVID-19 with workshop comprised of synchronous and asynchronous activities.

These findings were presented at the University Learning and teaching Conference 2020:

ELDeR: Edinburgh Learning Design Roadmap