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Find out Learning Design roadmap (ELDeR) at the University of Edinburgh.

The ELDeR Process

ELDeR emerged from an evaluation of three leading learning design approaches from universities across the UK, and we piloted these with teaching programmes at the University of Edinburgh. The University of Northampton-based CAIeRO was the best fit for us.

ELDeR is team-based and collaborative, and therefore, all workshops must include:

  • Academic course team/programme team,
  • IAD  course design team
  • IS-Educational Design and Engagement
  • IS-Academic Support Librarians 
  • School-based learning technologists
  • colleagues and Student who can act as critical friends.

The academic lead for the course/programme must also attend a one-hour Pre-ELDeR discussion about the development/redesign challenges and requirements of their course/programme.

It makes more sense than academic teams attend an ELDeR workshop before the official Board of Studies validation, as the outputs will feed directly into the documentation needed for validation. ELDeR workshop outputs can then be implemented as soon as possible in the validation process, making a tangible connection between the workshop and the course development and implementation.

At the heart of the ELDeR process is the design of student learning experiences, where student feedback and assessment literacies are given top priority, and a shared vision of the course/programme is developed between team members.

The design and development of learning outcomes, feedback opportunities, and assessment points merge, forming an iterative process where there is congruence (see McCune & Hounsell, 2005) between all three, rather than one driving the others. By considering what students should be able to do by the end of the course and how they will know that they are getting there, a foundation is set for authentic assessment that aligns with learning outcomes.

Reference: McCune, V. and Hounsell, D., 2005. The development of students’ ways of thinking and practising in three final-year biology courses. Higher Education,49(3), pp.255-289.


More information

For more information about Learning Design development at the University of Edinburgh, please contact Jon Jack,  in Learning, Teaching and Web Services Directorate, Information Services.