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Macro and micro patterns

A way of visualising the structure of courses and the learning activities within them.

Macro patterns

The arrangement of activities across the weeks of a course can often be seen to exhibit a 'macro pattern'.  Conceptualising a course as a macro pattern aims to serve as a bridge between understanding the existing course structure and planning its redesign to accommodate the move to hybrid education.

The archetypes below represent common simplified macro patterns:

Micro patterns

Micro patterns are examples of how the learning activities which make up the macro pattern could be rethought, in order to facilitate hybrid learning. These can be used as written or as a way to imagine your own micro patterns.

Examples in practice

Here are examples of this work used in the University:

Micropatterns, podcasts, and taking a pause 

Course patterns | School of Informatics | University of Edinburgh

Micro patterns Mini-Guide


More information

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