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Monthly Learning Technology Showcase and Network with eLearning@Ed

Learning, Teaching & Web Services (LTW), in collaboration with the eLearning@ED committee deliver a series of monthly events to showcase learning and teaching technologies and how they are being used across the institution. The sessions will normally take place between 1500-1700 on an afternoon during the last week of each month.

Each session will be divided into two parts with a coffee break in between. The first part will consist of short presentations from speakers across the institution on a specific theme. The second will be more practical, hands on session - an opportunity to try for yourself some of the technologies/approaches being discussed or take a more in-depth look at what you can do with them.

There will be chance to discuss and network with colleagues both over coffee between the two sessions and perhaps even in the pub afterwards.

We are using a set of five broad themes for a variety of engagement events in LTW and we hope to structure these monthly events around the same themes.

Themes of Learning Technology

Information of the upcoming meetings and themes can be viewed below. This list can act as a guide to see what type of theme is being covered in each meeting, a detailed agenda will be made available in the run-up to each event. If you would like to contribute or present at one of these sessions please get in touch with us.

Each meeting will have a detailed page available in the Wiki to help you keep up-to-date with recent sessions and access materials that have been presented as well as links to other useful sources of information.

eLearning@ED Wiki for Monthly Learning Technology Showcase and Network Sessions


Monthly Meeting Schedule for 2017

25th January

1400-1600 @ uCreate Studio Makerspace

Maker Spaces 


24th February

1400-1600 @ Patersons Land - G43, Holyrood

Successes in Online Learning Future Teacher Future Teacher

29th March

1100-1300 @ 4.04 Charteris Land (Central Area)

Assessment and Accessibility Meeting Notes

24th April

1400-1600 @ Chrystal MacMillan Building - Seminar Room 4, Central Area

Practical Strategies For Digital Assessment Future Teacher Future Teacher

30th May

1400-1600 @TBC

What's new for 2017/18


Meeting Notes

28th June

0900-1645 @ Hudson Beare Building, Kings Building

eLearning@ed Conference 2017 Conference Page

28th August

1500-1700 @ JCMB 4325A (Kings Buildings)

Preparing for Lecture Recording Meeting Notes & Booking

26th October

1400-1600 @ 1.26 Patersons Land (Moray House)

Educational Technology Policy & Legislation Meeting Notes & Booking