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Details of central and self-paced training for Top Hat


Please note that tutor-led training sessions for Top Hat are no longer being provided. The University is moving to a new electronic voting system supplier over the summer, Wooclap.

More information on Wooclap

These pages contain some self-paced resources and the training workbook for those looking for more information on using Top Hat in the meantime. However we would recommend new users of electronic voting to start with Wooclap.

Centrally provided training

Introduction to Top Hat

Please note that the introductory course is intended for users new to Top Hat but is open to all staff if they require a refresher.

The Introduction to Top Hat course will cover the basics of:

  • creating and organising content
  • presenting content
  • polling an audience
  • scheduling out of class activities - Homework and Review

In-Class Polling for Student Interaction and Engagement

This session will look at some techniques and functionality of in-class polling systems that can help engage your students with your teaching and course material. We will look at different question types, in-built functionality, and common techniques for encouraging peer and class discussion. 

For any practical demonstrations, we will use the centrally supported system, Top Hat. However, the functionality and techniques described are common to other polling systems or are not system dependent. 

In this session we will cover:

  • Making the most of question types
  • Advanced functionality
  • Alternative approaches and activities
  • Sourcing questions

Self-paced courses

Introduction to Top Hat

The material from the tutor-led Introduction to Top Hat course has been used to create a self-paced course. The self-paced course is hosted in Top Hat itself to allow you to experience it as a student and interact with some of the features of the system.

While the course covers the same material as the tutor-led course, it is able to go into slightly more detail than is possible in the time allowed for the taught course. As a student on the course you are able to choose your own path through the material.

Using the Gradebook in Top Hat

For those using Top Hat to grade students, the Gradebook is a rich resource of information. However, the design of the interface hides a lot of that functionality from users. This course takes you through the functionality available and how to access it. The areas covered are:

  • Navigating and editing the Gradebook
  • Generating reports
  • Exporting the Gradebook

The links to both the courses are provided below. Please note that, due to the nature of the roles in Top Hat, you should not access this link when you are logged in with a University account. Instead right click on the link and open the page in a private or incognito browsing window. Once on the course landing page, click on Enter as a Guest to access the course.

Self-paced Introduction to Top Hat course

Self-paced Using the Gradebook in Top Hat course

[NOTE: right click on the appropriate link and open in a private or incognito window]

Training workbook

The workbook used in the Introduction to Top Hat tutor-led session is available from the Digital Skills document catalogue.

Introduction to Top Hat (EASE login required)