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Top Hat Student Checklist

A summary of the one time set up tasks that students have to complete to be able to take part in Top Hat voting sessions

BEFORE your first class using Top Hat ensure that:

1. you have registered for the WiFi network and configured eduroam for your device, if you have not set this up previously. Ensure that you can switch Wi-Fi off and on and rejoin eduroam without any further login required.

WiFi Networking

2. you activate your email account (new students) - when you register your Top Hat account, Top Hat expects your University profile to include an email address. If this does not exist you will receive an error message. If you have not done so activate your email account by going to:

Office 365 Activate

Once you activate your email account you should be able to create a Top Hat account. If the email account activation fails you may have to leave up to 48 hours before trying again – if you can’t register an email account within 48 hours please:

3. you create your Top Hat account - if you know the join code for your first Top Hat course at this stage you can enrol onto it as part of the account creation process but it can also be done at a later date.

Creating a Top Hat Student Account

4a. if you own an iOS device (iOS 10 and above) or an Android device (4.4 or above) then you can use a dedicated app to take part in Top Hat sessions - the app offers some extra functionality over the web view if your course uses out of class modes such as Homework and Review. Download the app and sign into it - if you close the app without signing out you will not have to sign in the next time you start it.

Mobile Apps

4b. if you do not want to download the app, or do not have a suitable device, you can access Top Hat via the web app. Bookmark the login page for the University of Edinburgh in your device's browser:

5. when you have the course details, enrol on your course(s) - this can be after you have created your account or to enrol onto additional courses. This is carried out in your Top Hat Lobby once signed in either on the web or through the app. The Top Hat Lobby is also where you select your current course if more than one is using Top Hat in the same semester.

Adding yourself to a course as a student

Student Demo Course

If you would like to try out Top Hat in advance of your first class, there is a demo site available that you can join and see all the question types that your lecturer/tutor could ask. The join code for this site is 408508. Once you have tried out the questions in the course you can unenrol from it again from the Top Hat Lobby.  

Note: In order to have the questions available at all times, they have been set as Homework. You will not be able to view these on a phone or small tablet using the web app. Instead use the app for your device or log into the course using a laptop or a desktop PC. You will then be able to access the questions through a web browser in the Assigned section of the course. (note: you need to have a student account before you can sign into Top Hat via this link)

Help and Support

Set up for access to the Wi-Fi network and registering for Top Hat should be a straightforward process. However if you are having problems please:

If you should need to contact us about setting up Top Hat please tell us:

  1. The kind of device you are using - e.g. iPhone, Android phone, PC, etc.
  2. The operating system and its version that is running on your device.
  3. If you are using the web when the problem occurs, the browser you are using and its version.
  4. The point in the above process where you encountered a problem.
  5. A copy of the text (or a screen shot) of any error messages or notifications received.

More help and support