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Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are available for free for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android users.

Apps are supported for iOS 10 (and above) and Android 4.4 (and above). Go to the respective store for your device and search for Top Hat - note: Android devices need to be able to access the Google Play store. The correct app can be identified from the company’s logo, as displayed on this page.

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Ensure that you have created your account first before logging in with the app for the first time - see Creating a Top Hat Student Account.

Your username is your student number followed by - e.g. Once this is entered you will be asked to verify your identity by signing in with your university login credentials - you will be taken out of the app to a web browser to complete the sign in.

Note: From September 2017, student email addresses in Top Hat are in the same form as your username, i.e. This is the form of email address you should use when logging into the app.

If you close the app without signing out then you will be taken straight into your account the next time the app is started without any additional verification.

The main attractions to using the app over a web browser on a mobile device are:

  1. it offers a better user experience when answering questions in class.
  2. you can access Homework and Review modes on a phone or small tablet.

If you do not have an Android or iOS device you can still login via web browser on your device and take part in a session. Login using the link below:

Issues with the App

There have been some issues in the past with using the Android app in particular - with a low connectivity warning displaying despite there being no issue with Wi-Fi availability.

Top Hat have addressed these issues and the experience should be much better now. However if you are experiencing issues using the app on your device, the advice is:

  1. try disconnecting from the Wi-Fi and reconnecting. Depending on when your Wi-Fi connection was enabled your device may be trying to connect to an access point that is no longer the optimal for your location.
  2. make sure that your app is up to date. Top Hat release updates to their apps on a regular basis so please ensure you are on the most recent version.
  3. use a web browser instead. If your problems persist try using the web version of the app. As described above you will not be able to access out of class activities but you will be able to take part in questions asked and discussions started in class.

If you have tried all these and are still experiencing issues please let us know so that we can report the issues to Top Hat.

Please include the following details:

  • Make and model of the device you are using
  • Version of the operating system on your device
  • Version of the app on your device
  • The locations you are using the app - if you take part in sessions in more than one room is the problem the same or more prevalent in different locations?

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