Information Services

Top Hat for Staff

Information for Staff about Top Hat

Creating a Top Hat Professor Account

How to create an account for staff in Top Hat

Adding students to your course

There are three methods available to add students to your Top Hat course.

Adding a Professor or TA to your course

You can share a course with other teaching staff or student assistants using pre-defined or custom roles.

Creating questions

There are seven question types that can be used for in-class polling. Several extra question types are also available for use in out-of-class activities. Multiple Choice questions can be uploaded directly into Top Hat via a text file.

Presenting questions and other content

Descriptions of two different workflows for presenting content to students and an introduction to the Presentation Tool

Using Top Hat for one-off sessions

How to use Top Hat with the least amount of set up for one-off sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of frequently asked questions about Top Hat including adding multiple Professors to a course and using with non-student audiences