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Electronic voting system

Wooclap is an online voting system used to poll groups of students in a lecture or tutorial session. Students respond via a web browser on their own device.

With Wooclap, questions are pushed to students’ web-enabled devices and these devices are then used to send back responses. These responses are collated by Wooclap and can be displayed on the lecturer’s computer. Lecturers are not restricted to just multiple choice questions and can ask more open questions that require students to construct answers of their own. Wooclap brings a more user friendly interface and presenters will have more control over their events and how participants access them.


Introduction to Electronic Voting Systems

An introduction to electronic voting systems (EVS) at the University of Edinburgh


Wooclap is the University's new, centrally supported electronic voting system for in-class polling and asynchronous activities

Help and Support

For help and advice on using Wooclap, please consult our SharePoint resources or contact the IS Helpline. Sign up to the Wooclap user group in teams for peer assistance and updates on the service.