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Blackboard Collaborate via MyEd

Use Blackboard Collaborate to schedule a virtual meeting/classrooms with anyone via MyEd.

Collaborate can be used by staff and students as a virtual classroom, virtual meeting or online office space. Staff can host online meetings, conduct virtual training, and record guest webinars and deliver online events. Students can organise online meetings (with anyone) and carry out collaborative group work. Collaborate is integrated with MyEd.

Can I use Collaborate?

Staff, students and registered visitors can create and attend Collaborate Virtual Meetings. Collaborate is available via MyEd, but can be opened to external users, if required.

Staff: the Collaborate channel is located in the Services or Teaching Tab in MyEd

Students: the Collaborate channel is located in the Studies Tab in MyEd

Please Note for Registered Visitor and Student created sessions:

In sessions created by Students or Registered Visitors, the Students/Visitors as well as other Moderators that are added to the Collaborate Session setup will enter the Collaborate session with a Presenter Role not Moderator Role.

Presenters: Role is designed to allow students to present without giving them moderator privileges.  Can upload, share, edit and stop sharing content. Can see hand raise notification and can lower hands. No access to Polling or Breakout Rooms.

What do I need to use Collaborate and attend a Virtual Meeting?

Required: All that is required to access Collaborate is a workstation (or a supported mobile device) with sound card and internet access, preferably broadband.

Highly Desirable: To allow for a more interactive session a headset and webcam are highly desirable.

We recommend that a week prior to accessing a session that users visit the Session Preparation & Checklist page.

What Roles are available in the Virtual Meeting?

When creating a Virtual Meeting it is important to understand the available roles that can be assigned to users. There are 4 available roles in a Collaborate Session, but only 2 available when creating the session "Moderator" and "Participant".

Roles within Collaborate

How to Manage Participants

Moderator: Have full control over what is being shared. They can remove participants from a session but not moderators.

Participant: The moderator of the session determines participants’ privileges to use chat, video, audio, and draw on the whiteboard.

Within the Collaborate session there are two further roles which you can promote users to.

Presenters: Role is designed to allow students to present without giving them moderator privileges.  Can upload, share, edit and stop sharing content. Can see hand raise notification and can lower hands.

Closed Captioner: Provides accessible learning experience for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, also for students whose native language is different from that being spoken in the session. The captioner types what is being said in real time.

How do I create and access a Virtual Meeting?

A Collaborate virtual meeting can be created by staff, students or registered visitors via MyEd. Please see the guides below for step by step instructions on how to create a Collaborate session via MyEd

Can I invite external users to a Virtual Meeting?

Users not affiliated with University can be invited to a Collaborate Virtual Meeting.  See the step by step instructions below.

How do I invite an external user to a Virtual Meeting?

There are two ways to invite an external user to a Virtual Meeting.

1. Add a user to the Virtual Meeting

When creating or editing a Collaborate Virtual Meeting there is an option to add external users. All you require is their name and email address. The external user receives an email with the session details along with a link and instructions on how to access the session. Please see below for an example email:

2. Send the user the unique session URL:

When a Virtual Meeting has been created in MyEd a guest URL can be copied and emailed to users or used in a web page link. The guest URL is available to be copied when editing a session in MyEd. Please read the below guide for further information:

Can a Virtual Meeting be recorded?

The Virtual Meeting can be recorded by staff who have the moderator role in the session. The recordings will be visible in MyEd after the session has ended. The recording will download as an MP4 file and can be saved locally and shared or archived. Please visit the Recording and Storage Management page for more details:

If you require further assistance:

Blackboard Help : Collaborate Homepage