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Recording and Storage Management

Information on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session recordings, exporting recordings, and the storage policy.


A Collaborate (Virtual Meeting \ Virtual Classroom) session can be recorded - by staff only. Recording functionality is not available to students. These recordings can be saved locally at MP4 files.

MyEd Recordings:

At the moment the Collaborate Ultra recordings in MyEd only capture audio, video, and any content that is shared during the presentation as well as closed captioning. 

It does not record:

  • Text chat
  • Participants List
  • Pollling
  • Breakout Rooms

Learn and Moodle Recordings:

Collaborate Ultra recordings within Learn and Moodle have more options than those in MyEd. The do capture participants list and text chat.

It does not record:

  • Polling
  • Breakout Rooms

Why do I want to record my Collaborate session?

If you decide to record a collaborate session it is useful to think about the purpose of the recording. You might want to record a session for users who:

  • could not attend the live session (perhaps those based in a different time zone)
  • want to use the recording as a revision aid
  • review a recorded meeting or group discussion and take additional notes

Consider what element of the session would be most valuable to users. For example:

  • the session audio
  • session slides\uploads\file shares

Why might I not want to record my Collaborate session?

  • Copyright: if you or participants are sharing elements that you do not have copyright permissions to distribute you may choose not to record the session.
  • Relevance: if you think a participant would benefit more from attending a live session rather than watching the recording.
  • Time Restrictions: will a user have time to watch a recording? The provision of other resources, such as a presentation or notes may be more beneficial.

Informing participants that a session will be recorded

You need to inform participants that the session is going to be recorded and shared. This can be communicated before the session (e.g. email) or during the session (e.g. display a slide, chat message or verbally tell the group).

It is best to wait until all of the participants are in the session and before starting the recording. This will prevent participants watching the recording from having to forward through lots of empty time at the start of the recording and will reduce the file size of the recordings.

How do I record and download a Collaborate Session recording?

Collaborate recordings are only available as an MP4 file.  You can find instructions on how to download the MP4 file in Learn, Moodle and MyEd below:

Moodle and Blackboard Collaborate

Learn and Blackboard Collaborate

​​How do I delete Collaborate Ultra Recordings?

See instructions included in the guides linked to in the question above.

Where to store my Collaborate Ultra Recordings?

The best place to store your Collaborate Ultra recordings would be Media Hopper Create, which is the University of Edinburgh Media Asset Management Service.  You can easily upload the MP4 files into your Media Hopper Channel.



If you require further assistance:

Blackboard Help : Collaborate Ultra Homepage