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Good practice for participating in an online session

Good practice guidance for anyone participating in an online session, this is not platform specific and can be sent to anyone as general guidance

Accessing the virtual room

  • Use a hard-wired (Ethernet) connection, if available. If not available, use a Wifi connection. If using Wifi, try to be as close to the router as possible.
  • Close other programs. Close all programs and streaming services on your computer except for the app you are using for your session.
  • Keep your browser current. Only use up-to-date Internet browsers. Find out how to do so here.
  • Use a headset. Cut down on the background noise by using a headset.
  • Use a computer for managing the session (if possible) to ensure you are accessing the full functionality of the platform. Web based software can sometimes have limited functionality when in mobile view.
  • Know if there is audio dial-in option. Video conferencing relies on a strong internet connection that may not always be available.

Preparing for the session

  • Notify the session host/moderator of any Accessibility requirements prior to the session.
  • If the using a mobile device make sure if it runs in a browser or uses an app, if using an app make sure to download the app before the session.
  • Join the session a few minutes early.
  • Check the headset, microphone and camera settings.
  • Get familiar with the interface.
  • Headset (recommended) to cut down on any background noise.
  • Mute microphone when finished speaking.
  • Don't assume everyone will know who you are (especially if you have your camera off). Introduce yourself the first few times you do speak.
  • When speaking it's good practice to look directly into the camera to show you are engaged with the session.
  • Be professional, follow guidance given by the Moderator of the session, such as raising your virtual hand to ask a question or typing your question during a lecture instead of using your microphone.  


Blackboard Help. Session Best Practices. Available online:


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