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Frequently asked Questions

Answers to Frequently asked Questions received about Collaborate Ultra

Why do I have to use Google Chrome Browser?

For the best Blackboard Collaborate Ultra experience use Google Chrome or Firefox (versions 49+).

I can't get audio to work - can I use my phone to join a session?

If you can't get audio to work on your computer, you can use your phone in a session.

How to report an issue to IS Helpline

If you have problems during a session which you can't resolve please contact us and we will investigate these for you.

Unable to upload PowerPoint presentation

If you’re unable to upload your PowerPoint presentation to a Blackboard Collaborate session please try the options below as an alternative as there is a Known Issue with the PowerPoint Slide conversion in the Collaborate Ultra experience.

How to set up repeat sessions in LEARN

If you are setting up a series of collaborate sessions from within LEARN you have the option to Repeat Sessions.

How to get the correct URL when using a different browser by default?

We recommend that for the best experience you access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra using the Google Chrome browser.

How many participants can attend a Blackboard Collaborate session?

Sessions larger than 250 people must be arranged in advance with Blackboard.

How to preserve text chat in a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session?

It is not possible to export the text transcript in a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra within MyEd.

How do you share video as content items?

How to share video and audio files in a Collaborate session

Collaborate Ultra vs Skype for Business

Which tool to use? Collaborate Ultra vs Skype for Business

Accessibility and Screen Reader Support

What to use for the best Blackboard Collaborate experience with your screen reader and other accessibility information.