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Unable to upload PowerPoint presentation

If you’re unable to upload your PowerPoint presentation to a Blackboard Collaborate session please try the options below as an alternative as there is a Known Issue with the PowerPoint Slide conversion in the Collaborate Ultra experience.

There is a known issue with the PowerPoint slide conversion tool within Collaborate Ultra.  Please read here for further information.  What has been reported most frequently are:

  • Misaligned test and images
  • Odd Font sizing
  • Missing slide content

The issue is seen most frequently when uploading slides containing:

  • Multiple images
  • Math equations
  • Complex backgrounds
  • Certain fonts

Advice when creating slides for Collaborate Sessions

  • Use Arial font
  • Do not extended margins (keep default)
  • Not too much wording as may cut off bottom of slide - create a new slide instead
  • Keep the file name short without special characters
  • File size limit of 60MB - best to keep as small as possible
  • No animations (these will not work in Collaborate as the conversion tool flattens the documentation)
  • No embedded video or audio files
  • No high resolution images
  • Convert the PowerPoint to a PDF file (this is what the file will look like after it's been converted by the conversion tool in Collaborate, as well as quicker to upload a PDF file then a PowerPoint file to Collaborate)


Convert the PowerPoint to a PDF (Recommended)

You are now able to upload PDF files to Blackboard Collaborate as well as GIF, JPEG and PNG imagesConvert your PowerPoint to PDF, then upload PDF file instead to Collaborate.  Please see below for instructions on converting a PowerPoint to PDF.

Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF files

Send to another moderator within the same Collaborate session

Sometimes for reasons unknown the PowerPoint will not upload for you, but it will upload for your colleague within the session.

Send the PowerPoint file to another Moderator within the Collaborate session and see if they’re able to upload from their computer.

Export PowerPoint slides to image files, then upload as images

An alternative is exporting from PowerPoint slides to image files, and then upload the image files instead of the PowerPoint file to Collaborate Ultra.  (Note: Screen readers can only read text on PowerPoint and PDF files, not on image files).

Use Share Application to share the PowerPoint from your desktop

Share Application works in the Google Chrome browser and Firefox (Version 49+).  This is another alternative if you’re unable to upload your PowerPoint and don’t necessarily have the time to troubleshoot the other options.

(Note: Application sharing uses more bandwidth than uploading files.  Additionally, when sharing a PowerPoint slideshow, you must share the entire screen to display the slideshow).

How to Share application within Collaborate

If it’s your first time using Share application in the browser you will be prompted to add an extensions by Chrome or Firefox.

More on adding the Chrome Desktop Sharing extension

More on adding the Firefox extension

Then report to IS Helpline so that we can investigate the issue

How to report an issue to IS Helpline