Information Services

Mobile Access

How to access sessions via a mobile device, for staff and students.

You no longer need an app to run Collaborate on your mobile device.  If you click on a link to a session it will open in your browser on your mobile device.

Supported devices and browsers

  • Android: Chrome browser
  • iOS 11+: Safari browser

Blackboard Learn App

If you access your Collaborate sessions via Learn, then it may be useful to download the Blackboard Learn app as this will help launch a Collaborate session if the link is provided within your Learn course.

Introduction to Blackboard Learn App

Using Collaborate in the Blackboard Learn App

Blackboard Learn app is available for devices running iOS 11+ or Android 6+

Download for Android | iOS

Moderating on a mobile device

It is possible to moderate a session on your mobile device, but you will only have access to a limited subset of tools – e.g. application sharing is not available on mobile devices. It is therefore recommended that you use the browser view of Collaborate on a laptop or PC for the full range of moderator capabilities.