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Blogging Seminar Series

Find out more about our Blogging Seminar Series, featuring talks from academic blog users around the University.

As part of the launch of the new Academic Blogging Service, we organised a seminar series about different uses of blogging across the institution during 2018-2019. The seminars covered a range of themes, including blogging in teaching & learning, research blogs, personal blogs and blogging to build a community. Each seminar featured two presentations by colleagues who are embedding blogging in their courses, research, professional practice and everyday life.

We have recorded these seminars.

Blogging Seminar 1 - March 13th 2019

This seminar was recorded: Recording of Seminar 1

Speaker Description Category
Simon Riley

Simon will talk about the use of blogging in the SLICCs (Student-Led, Individually-Created Courses) initiative and also the use of group blogs in a course in the second year of Medicine, where students have autonomy to create their own learning experience on a topic of their own choosing. 

Find out more about SLICCs.

Teaching and Learning
Tobias Thejll-Madsen

Tobias will talk about the University's new Reflection Toolkit, developed by the Employability Consultancy in order to support students development.  He'll touch upon using blogs to reflect or to evidence reflection.

Find out more about the Reflection Toolkit.

Teaching and Learning

Blogging Seminar 2 - March 27th 2019

3-4 pm Main Library, room 1.09

This seminar was recorded: Audio recording

Speaker Description Category
Emile Chabal Emile is a Reader in History and the Director of the Centre for the Study of Modern and Contemporary History. In this role, he organises and coordinates a blog that gathers together all of the information about the Centre's activities ( The blog includes reports on every seminar (with audio and images), information about visiting staff and students, and guest contributions that range from conference reports to work-in-progress posts. Research
Mark Naylor

Mark is a Senior Lecturer in Geosciences, working in the area of Earth and Planetary Science.  In his research, he is interested in unfolding hazard scenarios - and it is essential to make forecasts as the events unfold so that we can track how our understanding changes. He will talk about how he’s been using blogging as a tool to support this. For example, he’s been blogging about how the publicly available data could inform out understanding of seismic hazard during the fracking operation in Lancashire and whether the observations were consistent with the a-priori seismic hazard assessment that was published in advance.


Blogging Seminar 3 - April 24th 2019

Seminar recording: TBC

Speaker Description Category
Kirsten Lloyd Kirsten Lloyd is a Lecturer in the School of History of Art where she runs a number of postgraduate core courses relating to exhibition making and curatorship.  She has trialed the use of blogs in an intensive placement course centred on 'authentic learning' opportunities and as part of a seminar-based syllabus for a cohort of 40 students. Teaching and Learning
Paul McLaughlin Paul will talk about his students' use of blogs in an ePortfolio employed cross-programme for a on-line masters. To gain experience himself he first used a private blog to collate his teaching; his use has grown such that it is now his main organisational tool. Teaching and Learning