Information Services

Using blogs in Learn

It is possible to use blogs from your course area in Learn. You can either use the blogging tool that comes as part of Learn, or PebblePad or the service can be integrated with the VLE.

There are three ways to use blogs through the Learn VLE.

Use Learn's built-in blogging tool

Learn has a built-in VLE tool which is available for course instructors to use with their classes.  It allows a very structured assessment workflow (such as due dates and marking rubrics) and integration with Turnitin.


Use with Learn

Learn can be easily integrated with our platform. This platform is based on WordPress and allows a lot of flexibility in terms of how the blogs look, allowing easy media embedding and theme changes.  The assessment workflow which can be supported is more limited than with the in-built VLE tools or PebblePad.

Use PebblePad with Learn

Students can submit blogs as assessments via PebblePad with Atlas. PebblePad supports very structured assessment workflows and allows feed-forward, individual deadlines, due dates and marking rubrics.