Information Services

Customised blog

For users who want a bespoke blog but who need assistance.

What are Custom Blogs? 

Custom blogs are created on demand to fit a need for bespoke development. This option is perfect if you require a certain feature on your platform that doesn't already appear in  our basic service. A day-based cevelopment cost will be applied based on what you require.  This option also offers the possibility for partnership and collaboration outside of the University as well as choice of domain. 

Key Features 

  • Created on demand 

  • Allows bespoke development and advanced customisation 

  • Domain of choice ( or other) 

  • Paid service for development at day rate 

  • Supported by Information Services

  • Possibility for partnership with external organisations   

Recommended for

 Research blogs (cross-institutions) and School, College, departmental, unit or community blogs. 

How to request a customised blog

Please contact one of our specialists at the IS Helpline to request a customised blog.