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Using Turnitin

Turnitin service matches text from student work against its extensive databases.

The University of Edinburgh uses Turnitin's OriginalityCheck, managed by iParadigms Europe Ltd in Newcastle upon Tyne, for deterring and detecting potential plagiarism. The service matches text from student work against extensive databases of websites, academic reference materials, and previously submitted student papers, producing both an originality score and detailed originality report.

Use of the service not only allows the University to systematically check for plagiarism, thus helping to ensure that all students' work is original and graded accordingly, but can also help students to improve their academic writing skills by providing active feedback on citation and referencing.

Staff should note that originality scores, and originality reports, do not tell you whether plagiarism has taken place; they simply highlight sections of text which match other sources. All work must therefore continue to be reviewed by the course tutor; it is always an academic decision as to whether a text match indicates the possiblity of plagiarism.

New Feedback Studio

Please note that on 1st August 2016, the current Document Viewer (the part of Turnitin used for marking and viewing of the originality reports) will be replaced with a new tool called the Feedback Studio. Compared to its old counterpart, the Feedback Studio will offer the same set of functionalities. However, the interface has been refreshed and made more user friendly. This update will only apply to the current Document Viewer part of Turnitin. Grades, assignments, marking workflows, etc. will not be affected.

You can access the Feedback Studio related materials by clicking on the links below: 

Old Document Viewer vs New Feedback Studio (video)

New Feedback Studio Webtour

Whilst the full Feedback Studio documentation is being prepared some of our current support materials might include references to the outgoing Document Viewer.

Instructor training: about OriginalityCheck

Accessing Turnitin

Turnitin assignments can be set up in:

  • Blackboard Learn;
  • Moodle;
  • PebblePad;
  • or directly at the TurnitinUK website:

Informing your students

It is important that students are aware that the Turnitin OriginalityCheck service is being used for their assignments.

In 2005 the College Academic Misconduct Officers decided that assignments will be submitted with a coversheet which asks students to verify that their work is original and in no way plagiarised. On the bottom of the coversheet should be information about the plagiarism detection service (Turnitin).

Staff need to ensure that students understand that their work will go to the plagiarism detection software's database. We also urge staff, where appropriate, to allow students to review their work and the originality reports, before final submission, as part of learning good practice in referencing. If you intend to do this you should ensure that students understand and can interpret the Originality Reports.

Other Turnitin services

Turnitin is a suite of services that includes more than just OriginalityCheck. Submitting work to Turnitin gives tutors access to GradeMark and PeerMark for online marking, feedback and peer review. It is possible to use either of these services without submitting student work for originality checking. For more information see: