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Final check for summative exams

Important information on how to check the settings of QMP before summative exams

This section includes important information about the final checks that, as a lecturer, you should undertake when scheduling a summative exam in QMP.  It is your responsibility to  check the exam settings to ensure that QMP performs to your expectations on the day.

The exam settings need to be checked within the Assessments option in QMP.

  • Once logged into QMP select the Authoring menu tab > Assessments and then click on the assessment that you are needing to check.  Once you have opened the assessment select the Settings option which is located near the top of the screen.
Assessment settings area
Assessment settings area

The screenshot shows the Settings area where the exam settings should be reviewed.


  1. Assessment time limit - Check that the time limit corresponds with required duration of the assessment (for scheduled summative assessments remember that you can request adjustments for individual students).
  2. Record results in database - In order for results to be saved and available in the reporting tool this option must be checked.  If unselected the results are not retrievable.  Ensure the option is checked for Full data.
  3. Template file for assessment - Select the appropriate template for the assessment that is being undertaken (
  4. Save as you go - Ensure the appropriate option is selected if you require the answers to save throughout the exam and at what time frequency. Please note, ‘Off’ option only saves answers on completion of the assessment.

Now select the Security tab.

Please ensure that all checkboxes are unticked except the option Allow run from integration.

Anonymous results - If selected you will not be able to identify scores for the individuals undertaking the exams, only select if you want the participant’s results to be anonymous.

If you are unsure of any of the settings within this checklist please discuss this with the member of staff who is scheduling your exam or alternatively contact IS Helpline.