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Using GradeMark

To use GradeMark you must be using the Turnitin service first.

You can then electronically mark an assignment after it has been submitted via Turnitin. It is worth bearing in mind that GradeMark is tightly integrated with Turnitin and is best used as part of the whole package.

What can I do with GradeMark?

The GradeMark component of Turnitin gives instructors a full-featured digital environment for grading and commenting on student work. After grades are posted by the instructor, students can access GradeMark to review comments and print or save a copy of the graded files. Some of the features of GradeMark include:

  • inline highlighting of text and marginal commenting
  • predefined palettes for inline comments, including standard proofreading marks, punctuation, and common grammatical errors (to insert one of these marks into the text, you simply click on the palette button and it shows up as a mark on the paper and links to an explanation of its meaning)
  • user-defined palettes for inline comments, so you can create your own one-click palette for your frequently-used comments
  • a generous space for general comments, which is where you write paragraphs of commentary as you would at the end of a student's paper
  • user-defined rubrics which can be used either with or without grade calculation - the rubric tool offers several different options for setting the calculation of grades (by set numbers or percentages) and makes the construction of new rubrics very easy

Support materials

Please note that on 1st August 2016, the current Document Viewer (the part of Turnitin used for marking and viewing of the originality reports) will be replaced with a new tool called the Feedback Studio. Compared to its old counterpart, the Feedback Studio will offer the same set of functionalities. However, the interface has been refreshed and made more user friendly. This update will only apply to the current Document Viewer part of Turnitin. Grades, assignments, marking workflows, etc. will not be affected.

You can access the Feedback Studio related materials by clicking on the links below: 

Old Document Viewer vs New Feedback Studio (video)

New Feedback Studio Webtour

Whilst the full Feedback Studio documentation is being prepared some of our current support materials might include references to the outgoing Document Viewer.

Instructor user manual

Student user manual

Marking offline using the iPad app

Instructors are now able to mark their students' assignments offline using the Turnitin's Feedback Studio app for iPads (strictly iPads only). Please click on the links below for more details about how to use the app:

How to log in to the Turnitin app for iPad (video)

Online marking using the Turnitin app for IPad (video)

For students: Viewing your assignment’s feedback and grade in Turnitin (GradeMark)

This short movie has been produced for students whose assignments or coursework are marked through Turnitin (GradeMark) in Learn.

Video Link to YouTube: Viewing your assignment's feedback and grade in Turnitin (GradeMark)


If you would like this information in an alternative format, email Kelly Hall at kelly.hall @

Saving and printing out your assignment and feedback in Turnitin

Video Link to YouTube: Savind and printing out your assignment and feedback in Turnitin


If you would like this information in an alternative format, email Kelly Hall at kelly.hall @