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About PeerMark

PeerMark is a peer review assignment tool which is available through the TurnitinUK service.

To use this, Instructors must first set up a TurnitinUK assignment. You can do this through Learn or directly through the TurnitinUK site ( Students must submit their papers to a TurnitinUK assignment before peer reviewing can begin.

Please note that PeerMark is currently not available through the PebblePad integration.

What can I do with PeerMark?

Instructors can create and manage PeerMark assignments that allow students to read, review and evaluate one or more papers submitted by their coursemates. Advanced options enable instructors to: choose whether the reviews are anonymous or attributed; decide if students should be excluded from reviews; or pair students to assign students specific papers to review. Some of the key features of PeerMark include:

  • papers can be assigned automatically, manually selected by the instructor, or self-selected by the student;
  • students can be paired by the instructor, with multiple reviewers;
  • non-submitting students can be allowed to review papers;
  • students can write reviews by responding to free response or scale questions set by the instructor;
  • instructors can add libraries of questions for easy inclusion into PeerMark assignments;
  • questions can be edited, deleted or reordered.

Use of PeerMark in Biological Sciences

The system worked well with our class of 280 students and can be easily used anywhere that uses Turnitin submissions

Dr. Heather McQueenSchool of Biological Sciences

Dr. Heather McQueen wrote a case study about her experience of using PeerMark for a summative process within a large second year biology class.


Use of PeerMark in the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Sciences [R(D)SVS]

Using PeerMark is much easier than doing things manually. Students get rapid feedback. And as it is peer feedback they take that on as being a serious, helpful, different viewpoint compared to a tutor giving them feedback

Dr. Claire PhillipsRoyal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Dr. Claire Phillips wrote a case study about her experience of using PeerMark. Peermark allows students to give, receive and reflect on mid-course anonymous peer feedback and an opportunity to modify elements of 4th year course work (BVM&S Veterinary Degree) in response.

Students' feedback about PeerMark with Dr. Claire Phillips [please allow time for audio clip to buffer]

Audio feedback from Dr. Claire Phillips about PeerMark [please allow time for audio clip to buffer]

Support materials

The following resources are available to help with using PeerMark: