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Known issues

Known issues with Feedback Studio and PeerMark

Feedback Studio (Turnitin LTI 1.3)

Issue Platform(s) Impact Workaround

NewStrikethrough looks like underline

Learn (Original); Learn (Ultra); Moodle All users

Turnitin acknowledged the issue seems to be caused by the font used in the submission. 

No workaround for already submitted files but, as always when using strikethrough, markers should add a comment to explain to the students what the action means which should mitigate the issue.

Turnitin Assignment with Adaptive Release for individual students is visible in the Course Calendar for all students Learn (Original) Students Put the Turnitin assignment in a folder; this appears to hide it on the course calendar for other students. (Ultra courses work fine when adding a user or group to the release conditions.)
Grades do not always sync with the Grade Centre Learn (Original) Staff

If some grades do not pass to Grade Centre, Turnitin suggest changing the Post Date forward by an hour (and Save) and back by an hour (and Save), and it may push for a fresh synchronization.

If a grade is zero in Turnitin assignment, Grade centre will show it as Needs Marking. Therefore, instructors should always be setting the grade point as 1 minimum to avoid any issues.

Check the Max Grade in Turnitin Assignment setting and make sure it is greater than zero.

If students submitted directly on Turnitin website, their grades will not pass to Grade Centre.

Inbox screen flickering Learn (Original); Learn (Ultra) Staff

This could be a combination of display resolution, DPI and zoom level within Chrome.

  1. In some cases changing or resetting the Chrome zoom level might stop this.
  2. Alternatively, in the Inbox click on the All students drop down list, click on any of the groups and then return to All students; the pages are re-sorted and the flickering seems to stop.

Turnitin confirmed that "Our engineers have identified the issue and have now confirmed that they have developed a fix for the issues with the LTI inbox, and this fix is due to be released to production this week." 

Bulk download timing out Learn (Original); Learn (Ultra); Moodle Staff

Download files in batches instead of as a whole by selecting/deselecting submissions individually in the assignment inbox for any downloads that experience this error.

The number of batches needed will depend on how many submissions there are/file size of submissions.

Learn Grade Centre may reveal Turnitin anonymous submission  Learn (Original) All users No workaround yet.
Membership error when clicking on a Turnitin link Learn (Original); Learn (Ultra) Staff

The issue happens in Learn courses not open to students. A workaround is to open the course when staff need to test a Turnitin inbox, and close it again after testing.

QuickMark 'Essay' Set not saving Learn (Original); Learn (Ultra) Staff Staff can see two 'Essay' sets in QuickMarks; unfortunately one does not save. Test to find which set saves then proceed to use that set for marking.
'Save settings for future use' not applying saved settings to new inboxes  Learn (Original); Learn (Ultra) Staff In the Turnitin LTI inbox settings at the bottom of the settings screen is a tick box to 'save settings for future use', changes made to the setting options should save and when creating a new inbox these saved settings applied automatically. Currently this functionality does not appear to be working as intended. Users should manually note desired settings and when creating a new inbox and ensure that those settings are manually adjusted and saved. 
When creating a new Turnitin LTI inbox, the GradeCentre column is visible to students by default Learn (Original) All users After creating the Turnitin inbox, staff user will need to go to Learn (Original) Course Grade Centre and manually set the corresponding Grade Centre column to 'Hide from Students'.
Changes to the Turnitin LTI inbox within the Turnitin UI setting screen will change the status of Grade Centre column to visible Learn (Original) All users After saving changes to the Turnitin LTI inbox within Turnitin User Interface, go to the Grade Centre and change the visibility of the corresponding column to 'Hide Column from Students'.
Clicking grey pen to 'Grade without a submission' freezes subsequent menu Learn (Original); Learn (Ultra) All users When clicking the Grey pen a pop-up menu option displays, after confirming, menu pop-up is sustained with confirm button greyed out. Close the pop-up using the close cross in the top-right hand corner and refresh browser. Re-enter the inbox and grading template will have been created.
For some Chinese language submissions, the word count is erroneously being flagged as being under 20 words when more have been used.  Learn (Original); Learn (Ultra); ATLAS; Moodle; EdX; direct Students Select 'Accept any File Type' in assignment inbox settings, will ensure that Turnitin can accept the file, a Similarity Report will be generated providing the file meets Turnitin's file requirements, and the correct word count will be shown.
Apple Hot keys does not work within bubble comments Learn (Original); Learn (Ultra); ATLAS; Moodle; EdX; direct Staff Use UI to select underline in Safari or use Chrome for mac which does support hotkeys.
In Learn UBN menu, when filtering by 'assignment' in 'activity stream' Turnitin LTI inbox information does not display Learn (Original); Learn (Ultra) All users Student and staff can access the Turnitin assignment within the Learn course where details about assignment can be accessed.
Groups not automatically refreshing Learn (Original); Learn (Ultra) All users Within the inbox use the refresh arrow button in the top right hand corner of the Turnitin inbox to manually update group enrolment information.
Turnitin - Learn Grade Centre submission timestamp discrepancy Learn (Original) Staff When checking for late submissions use the dates & times from within the Turnitin inbox. See video:
Microsoft Word files not generating within inbox / M14:11 Learn (Original) All users Please include the Paper ID within your Helpdesk call and a request will be submitted for TurnitinUK to reprocess the file whilst retaining the metadata.


PeerMark (Turnitin LTI 1.3)

Issue Platform Impact Workaround
NewTurnitin PeerMark inbox does not allow randomly assigning reviewers to different inboxes. (Users can no longer select an inbox to base PeerMark on.) All Staff There is no workaround. When manually paring students, the Number of Automatically Distributed Papers for Review overrides the number of Manually Paired Papers. Turnitin suggest typing 0 in the box for Automatically Distributed Papers for Review to stop the system override. (Do not use the down arrow to reduce the number as it does not go to 0.) 
The student can Save their review as a draft and Submit, but can no longer re-submit. All Students

No workaround.

Staff need to inform their students of this, as once they Submit their review they will not be able to edit it.

Error message about the end date of a class being exceeded, when creating a new PeerMark inbox All Staff Create a new non-PeerMark assignment with a later end date (then hide it); this should stop the error message appearing when you create the PeerMark inbox.


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