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Using Turnitin in Moodle

The Turnitin integration with Moodle enables instructors to use parts of the Turnitin suite of tools

Please note that:

  • assignments created in Moodle cannot be updated from the TurnitinUK web site ( directly;
  • any changes made to an assignment on the TurnitinUK web site will not be reflected back to the assignment in Moodle.

Useful resources for Turnitin assignments in Moodle

For Instructors

It is important that students are made aware if you plan to use the Turnitin similarity checking service for their assignments, and that they consent to it.

For more information see:

Help and support

There is a range of other resources supporting use of Turnitin in Moodle on our Help and support page:

Help and Support


For further help please: