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Using Turnitin in Learn

The Turnitin integration with Learn enables instructors to use the Turnitin suite of tools


Move from Turnitin Basic to Turnitin LTI

Turnitin have retired our existing integration, so the University has worked with Turnitin to move to LTI 1.3.

We ran an early-adopter programme to provide real-world experiences of the LTI to staff in a number of Schools. We were also in discussions with other universities that have already been using the LTI 1.3.

Here is the timeline for the move:

  • 24th March 2022 - New Turnitin Integration (LTI) became available to use in all courses
  • 6th June 2022 - Existing Turnitin Integration (Basic) was no longer available to create new inboxes in Learn

  • 31st August 2022 - All existing Turnitin (Basic) inboxes became read-only

  • 31st August 2023 - Historic submissions will only be accessible via the Turnitin website

Turnitin: moving to LTI (captioned video; 40 mins) [link to Media Hopper]

You can find support documents in Help and support and also two Quick Guides to the changes (below)

If this has caused any issues for your courses, please get in touch via IS Helpline.

Please note that:

  • assignments created in Learn cannot be updated from the TurnitinUK website directly
  • any changes made to an assignment directly on the TurnitinUK website will not be reflected back to the assignment in Learn

How Learn and Turnitin work together

We have prepared some guidance for staff thinking about using Learn to manage assignment submission. For more information please go to:

Assignments & Tests

Useful resources for Turnitin assignments in Learn

For Instructors

There is a range of resources supporting marking and feedback on our Help and support page:

Instructor Help and Support

For Students

If you have any questions about this we encourage you to seek further clarification from your course instructor. Alternatively, guidance can be found on the Help and support page:

Student Help and Support

For Administrators

There are a range of resources supporting use of Turnitin in Learn on our Help and Support page:

Help and Support


For further help please: