Information Services

RLUK (Research Libraries UK) Service Standards Pilot

We follow Key Performance Indicators for achieving high levels of customer satisfaction, responding in good time to enquiries, feedback and complaints, and maintaining advertised opening hours. Each KPI has a service target. Although RLUK will not be publishing the national results for the '17-'18 session, the University of Edinburgh Help Services will continue to use these standards as a measure of performance.


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) How we measure our success Results for 2017-18
We will achieve at least a 90% satisfaction rating on Question 19 in the National Student Survey. National Student Survey (NSS) 2017 results. We did not meet this target.(88%)
We will be open for at least 99% of our advertised staff service opening hours. Recorded time any site library is closed when normal advertised hours are open as a percentage of the maximum service hours for all site libraries (August 2017 to July 2018).


All libraries were closed due to weather on March 1st and 2nd, 2018. Main Library closed 18th/19th June for 12.5 hours due to power cut.

We will acknowledge all feedback, enquiries and complaints within 1 working day (where contact details are provided) and will provide an initial response within 5 working days* (*institutional standard: RLUK states 3 working days). Unidesk acknowledgements are sent automatically on receipt of call/Unidesk system downtime causing delay of more than 1 working day; logs showing duration of complaint from being logged to closed by Frontline Resolution within 5 working days as required by the University of Edinburgh Complaint Handling Procedure (section 3.2).

100% acknowledgement within 1 working day - automated Call Management System. 

We will achieve at least 90% satisfaction with responses to feedback, enquiries and complaints. Help services User Satisfaction Survey respondents sampled over 18 months answering the question “Was your enquiry answered or resolved to your satisfaction?”. A 10% sample survey of closed calls is conducted automatically; responses are analysed over a 18 month period, rolling forward every month; a 27% response rate is recorded; satisfaction is 93%.